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Google Ads Specialist

We are the fastest-growing Google Ads agency in Poland that will maximize your income blah blah…
I could write here whatever I want and fill in dozens of empty phrases. But what for? Would you really believe them? I hope not. As a freelancer dealing with Google Ads campaigns, I prefer to show what I’m capable of in practice.

What can I do for you

Google Ads

Google Ads campaigns is one of the most common online advertising methods. Currently, Google people are used by 91.86% of the world and that's where your current and future customers are. There are plenty of opportunities to advertise. From text advertising, through product ads for online stores, to video campaigns on Youtube. The most important thing is to have the right types of advertising for yours so that they bring you like delivery.

  • Search Ads
  • Google Display Network
  • Product
  • Local
  • YouTube
  • Remarketing
  • Foreign Google Ads campaigns
Google Ads


Are you running a Google Ads campaign on your own and you don't know if you're doing it right? Do you need new tips to help you further develop your campaign? Or maybe you think the agency running your campaign is doing it inaccurately? The best solution will be an audit of Google Ads campaigns.

  • Audit
  • Audit
Campaign audit


There are situations when the entire training is too much and the client only needs to solve one or several problems with his campaign. In this case, hourly Google Ads consultations work best. We can then perfectly match the number of hours to a particular problem.

  • Hourly Google Ads consultation
  • Monthly

Google ads training

Using my experience in running Google Ads campaigns over the last 5 years, I decided to meet the expectations and start training people who want to run their campaigns themselves or intend to start working in this industry. I focus rather on an individual approach and a workshop formula of training. In my opinion, this works much better than group training, where the instructors cannot devote themselves 100% to one person. I also organize individual training for companies.

  • Individual Google Ads training
  • Google
Google ads training

Customers opinion

See the opinions that my clients sent to me, posted on Linkedin and Google

Grzegorz Krzyżaniak

Gregor Media

I recommend Michał and his Google Ads skills. During the consultation, he explained all the issues related to my campaigns. Concrete without spilling water. It should be mentioned that Michał is simply a very nice and cultured person, so working with him is pure pleasure.

Monika Ambrozowicz


I'm more than satisfied with a Google Ads training that I've recently had. It was a highly practical and efficient hands-on workshop, during which I created my first campaign with different types of ads. Michal is an excellent instructor - patient, easy to communicate, and well qualified. I can highly recommend his courses and audits

Gabriela Cerowska


I recommend working with Michał! An expert in Google Ads and many other tools that will improve the company's visibility on the web, and thus improve the company's results. A great strategist and data analyst. Full professionalism and an unconventional approach.

Halina Stawińska


Mr. Michał was recommended by a friend as a reliable and high-quality person, while maintaining reasonable prices. The cooperation immediately began to bring my company very tangible benefits. Adwords is done in detail, multi-threaded. Mr.Michał is flexible, does not work in a pattern and is open to suggestions related to the specificity of the client's product. We consult new ideas together and adjust the budget. I receive detailed reports on the work done and its effects. Importantly, it accounts for its services extremely honestly, maintaining a very good relationship in terms of "quality / price".

Mateusz Kwiatkowski

Michał has audited the Google Ads account and campaigns in my company. The audit is detailed and opens your eyes to what is worth improving. Fast and efficient communication and delivery of the audit within the set time limit encourages me to undertake permanent cooperation! I strongly recommend Michał as an expert in the field of Google Ads

Klaudia Wilusz

NAV 24

I definitely consider the training with Michał as one of the most substantive I have had the opportunity to participate in. Michał is able to convey knowledge in a practical way, supported by specific examples. Practical experience, know-how and, above all, great teaching skills make Michał a really great trainer in the area of ​​Google Ads

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Why choose me and not trust big companies?

Working in various agencies allowed me to eliminate all the things that were upsetting my clients (and me too). Each campaign needs a different approach. Every situation is different, so don't duplicate the patterns. Let's talk about what I can do for you and how it can help grow your business. I want you to earn more. Then you will stay with me longer and both sides will be satisfied.

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